Музей В.А. Молодцова. Экскурсионное направление.

"Музей-грандиозная памятная
книга человечества."


Ежегодно музей готовит экскурсоводов (8, 11 класс), которые проводят экскурсии для учащихся лицея с 1 по 11 класс, принимают гостей из других школ.

У нас в гостях школа №40

В 2003 г. была организована группа переводчиков (английский, немецкий, французский, испанский языки), которые принимали членов делегации из Великобритании.

Перевод одной из экскурсий на английский язык.

V.A. Molodtsov (1911-1942) The students of Lyceum 52 take great interest in the history of our town. The lyceum is situated not far from Molodtsov Street. It is named after our remarkable countryman Vladimir Molodtsov. The students and teachers of the lyceum have collected a lot of documents, photographs and personal things that can tell us a lot about his life. They are kept in the Molodtsov Museum. We would like to guide you about it.

Vladimir Molodtsov, a Hero of the USSR, a courageous fighter against invaders, was born on the 5th of June, 1911 in the town of Sasovo. This town is situated in the east of Ryazan Region.
His father Alexander Georgievich, was an engine driver.
His mother Maria Leontyevna was a housewife.
Vladimir was the eldest son in the family. He loved his parents dearly and often helped his mother with the younger children, as his father had to spend a lot of time far away from his family, due to his profession.

At the age of 7 Vladimir went to a railroad school, where he got primary education. He liked to study and was one of the best students.

In 1922 the family moved to the settlement of Kratovo not far from Moscow, and Vladimir went to school there. The boy was cheerful and good-natured, and he had a lot of friends among his classmates. Together, they played football and gorodki, went in the fishing, skiing and skating. Vladimir and his friends joined the voluntary fire-brigade and helped to put out forest fires.

At school Vladimir took interest in painting. He was good at pointing landscapes. One of his landscapes is kept in Odessa Local Lore Museum. Besides, he was a great reader. Most of all he enjoyed poems and tried his hand in writing them. He learnt to play the guitar and sang well.

In 1929 Vladimir graduated from school. There were only excellent marks in his school-leaving certificate. For some time he worked as a metal craftsman, a coal- combine operator in coal mines in the town of Donskoy near Tula and in Kuznetsky Coal Basin. Then he entered an institute in Moscow. He was one of the best Students and was assigned to work in the Committee of State Security.

Vladimir got married and by 1941 he was the father of two sons, Alexander and Vladimir, and the daughter Luidmila. The happy family, joined by love and sympathy, lived in Moscow.

The war which broake out on the 22d of June, 1941, put an end to their happy life. In a few months Vladimir's wife with three little children had to leave Moscow, and evacuate to Siberia. Vladimir came to the railway station to see them off. It was the last time the children saw their father.

Vladimir went to Odessa to organize a partisan detachment in catacombs. He took a pseudoname Badayev. It was his wife's surname before she married Vladimir. I think this pseudoname helped Vladimir to feel bonds with his beloved family which was thousands of miles away.

Badayev's partisan detachment fought bravely against the fashists. They killed the invaders, destroyed trains with weapons, set captives free, gathered information for the Soviet Army. The struggle was dangerous and enequal. In February, 1942 there was trachery in Badayev's detachment. The partisans were arrested and put to death after long and cruel tortures.

Vladimir's family learnt about his heroic death only in 1944 when they returned to Moscow from Siberia. The same year Molodtsov was made the Hero of the Soviet Union.

We honour the memory of our courageous compatriot. Streets in Moscow, Ryazan and Kratovo are named after the hero. There is Molodtzov Stadium in the town of Donskoy. In Kratovo the students of the local school take care of the birch tree that was planted by Vladimir near the house where his family lived. There are monuments to Molodtsov in Ryazan and Odessa.

Vladimir Molodtsov could be proud of his children. His sons Vladimir and Alexander became military servicemen. The elder son Alexander set up a number of records in parashooting. Luidmila is a journalist. Together with their children they often visit Molodtsov's memorial places.

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